dimanche, septembre 28, 2008

گوشي رو گذاشتم جييييغ زدم.
فک کن بعد ِ اين همه وقت ضمن ولگردي آگهي يه آموزشگاه موسيقي مي‌بينم بغل خونه، زنگ مي‌زنم يه خانومه‌ي خوش‌صداي خوش‌لحن راهنمايي مي‌کنه و من برنامه‌ام از روي هوا جور مي‌شه.
و من امروز که کار دارم، ولي همين فردا مي‌رم ثبت‌نام که ديگه مثل بز هي نندازم عقب اين برنامه رو.

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myshkin a dit…

بسی خوشحال شدیم
موفق باشی

Red Eyes a dit…

I don't know how you will look on this but I came by your blog today for the very first time. I've never been able to understand the passion that some have for blogging but I love reading stuff that awakens the mind and inflames the imagination. I think yours is an admirable blog and reading this post and through your archives was interesting. I couldn't resist the temptation to do just that. The more scope it gave to my mind although I was hoping to read and leave quietly without surprising you with any comment. Perhaps you will be inviting me back sometime if you think a counter visit is worth one infringement of your normal routine? I'll look out for your arrival. Until then, take care.

btw: have you seen or read the master and margarita?

هديه a dit…

جناب قرمز- چشم،
من به مرشد و مارگريتا حساسيت دارم. يعني نه دوست دارم بخوانمش، نه ببينمش.